One platform to manage them all

Thanks to our unique integrated platform, entrepreneurs who want to launch a digital project (B2B2C) can do so in just 2 weeks, having a scalable platform based on microservices


Products that make an impact


Digitization for fitness professionals

Create and promote your digital fitness business with no technical knowledge.

The all-in-one digitalization and marketing platform exclusively for fitness, wellness and sports professionals.


Scan, Sign, Sync

Allow your customers to identify by scanning their passports or ID-cards
In real time, contactless, error-free and with GDPR compliance.

PassportScan gives you the tools to offer to your customers better and boost service.


The largest functional training club

Enjoy more effective, fun and natural workouts, for all audiences and levels. Train HIIT, functional training, Pilates, yoga, boxing and even crossfit!

The BFT.life platform offers a search engine for places, events, professionals and other addicts to this way of living to achieve a better life.


Deployment tools

Should I Deploy?




Village and rural areas digitization platform


The largest means of specialized content in health, sports and well-being where professionals publish valuable articles


Personal and professional management platform, Amplifying the concept of financial independence and project management for business directors

Changing the world

Our mission is to help professionals and users through technology, with platforms that connect them, adding value with the concept of “professional centric”.


Dozens of our own products help us every day, with technology created by our team, optimized for the launch of new projects and their scalability.

+20 Own Microservices

Own Analytics and big data Solution

Own Marketing Automation Solution

Own Monitor System

looking for the CTO of the future

The Hacktory is an immersive program to develop technical, innovative and professional qualities of the most talented developers, mentoring them for 2 months to become the CTO of the future.

We are a tech company

We are a team of decentralized business and technology talents, working remotely and, although our core language is English, we also speak Italian and Spanish.

Downgrade composer 2 to 1 windows, mac or linux

When we are working with Symfony projects, using PHP 7.4 version, we are fetching some issues on some libraries with composer v2, so we have to downgrade to version 1. The solution to change composer version on any OS (Windows, Mac or Linux) is just executing the...

Trabajar desde el móvil ¿realidad o utopía?

Desde hace años se viene hablando de work from home, BYOD y otras palabras anglosajonas que suenan muy bien y que, por suerte, cada vez tienen más repercusión pero ¿estamos preparados para aplicar estos ? Me gustaría profundizar en la prueba que he realizado, durante...

¿En qué nos puede ayudar Blockchain?

Blockchain es una de las palabras de moda de los últimos tiempos, sobre todo tras la proliferación de las monedas virtuales, con Bitcoin como protagonista, sobre todo por sus subidas y bajadas. Pero Blockchain es mucho más que monedas virtuales, es una tecnología que,...

In continuous search for partners

Talent and team are the pillars of each of our projects. We are not looking for employees, we have partners that push each project to position it as a leader in its sector. If you are an exceptional person and want to be part of the incredible XandruSoft team, we want to meet you.

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