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Solutions for your dreams, solutions for your company


Specialization based on experience

What is the key to any technological project? Technology.

During these years we have seen many failed projects because they have not been able to start from a solid base that met their expectations. Sometimes for price, others simply for not having found the right partner. The key is to know how to translate the ideas that go around in our head to make them reality, in the fastest and most robust way possible to easily test, adapt and scale the product.

We are a consultant based on the model Startupque applies in its day to day methodologies like Lean Startup, Agile, or Scrum, that works in cycles of 1 week and commits to finalize the projects in 1 month.

And our guarantee is maximum, we not only create that platform you want, but we provide the platform you really need. We are not afraid to create an MVP so you can validate your hypotheses, it is likely that we will advise you. We do not mind accompanying you during your first steps, we are longing for it. We do not only give you the best technological solution and we will see you, we advise you how to continue to continue the product in case you want to do it for yourself and we put you in touch with the technical talent you need. We want to be your fellow travelers to success.

Technology Consulting

In Xandrusoft everything revolves around the technology and the talent that makes it possible. With an own methodology we develop incredible projects.

Fast growth

We take advantage of the mastery of technology to create solutions that allow businesses to grow rapidly.

The solution you need

Translating ideas into business can be very complicated, but our team of experts gets it done in a natural way.

Specialized training

Technological talent is the key to success, so we design training programs to create the developers that companies need.

The road to success

We analyze the business idea or project needs to define the best strategy to follow

We put all the necessary resources to have the project ready in just 1 month

We training technological talent that can meet the technical needs of companies

Our history

In 2012 XandruSoft is born, a consultant in the form of Startup designed to cover the needs of its customers. Dozens of companies have trusted us to bring their ideas to life and create their platforms.

  • Symfony Development 80% 80%
  • Project Management 60% 60%
  • Specialized training 50% 50%
  • Customer satisfaction 90% 90%
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