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Mautic Developers

If you want to hire a Mautic developer, you’re in the right place


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How to install Mautic on your own server?

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How to configure Mautic logo and theme?

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How to use Mautic for multiple accounts?

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How to use Mautic API?

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Why Mautic

If you don’t like working with third-party tools that you don’t know what they do with your data and you want to have full control, this is the best alternative to other tools such as Hubspot, Mailchimp or Active Campaign

Marketing Automation

Alternative to Hubspot

Open Source

Case of success

We have implemented Mautic for one of our clients that offers a SaaS. Instead of developing a marketing automation tool from scratch, we have trusted Mautic as the ideal solution. For integration, we have configured its APIs, extending Mautic’s own functionalities, allowing working with different accounts on the same installation, managing data privately and securely, complying with the GDPR


Multiple accounts


API integration


GDPR compliance


First setup