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The peer to peer knowledge sharing platform has just announced a €5.2 million Series A round with Notion Capital and Hong Leong Group.

SmartUp is aims to provide the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange. The platform has been used around the world by startup founders, companies, innovators, business schools and curious entrepreneurs. SmartUp’s intuitive learning system provides communities engaging and fun ways to contribute and consume bite-sized pieces of knowledge and insight. It is a powerful platform which unlocks your community’s real knowledge to help every member unleash their potential. SmartUp was founded in 2014 and is based in London.

Corporates also are looking for 21stCentury learning platforms to replace or complement their older generation Learning Management Systems. They are looking for more flexible solutions. SmartUp is already used by over 100,000 startup founders and teams, and is a perfect tool for companies looking to reduce high spend on expensive “one size fits all” content systems.

SmartUp’s customers are creating a whole range of different interactive content on the platform – for training, product info, on-boarding new employees, sales material, compliance and innovation. Platform is also attracting the interest of businesses looking to create an external customer and partner “academies”. These can be used for training a wider audience on their product, moving beyond blogs and downloaded PDFs to a micro-learning format where they get feedback from customers on the product material.

The funding is going to be used for evolving the SmartUp platform to serve the needs of large corporates and startups. They all should be able to create communities for their teams in the platform to learn new skills and exchange knowledge fast and effectively. Also they should take advantage of SmartUp’s learning modules around innovation, rapid prototyping, fintech, AI and more.

February 15, 2017 at 12:38AM vía